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What is Haveyoubeenhere?

Haveyoubeenhere is an ad-free social media platform for travelers. As expected from a social media platform, you have a feed where you can see posts of the people you follow. But on top of that Haveyoubeenhere gives you the possibility to track your trips and put all the places you visit on the map automatically. It can also be used as a tool to discover new places around you based on hashtag or name.

How do I use Haveyoubeenhere?

Use Facebook login, Hivesigner or Apple Sign In. Start creating waypoints! Haveyoubeenhere can automatically generate posts, trips and a mapview with the places you have been to from these waypoints.


All content creation starts with waypoints. You can compare a waypoint to a check in during or after you visit a place. To make a waypoint you upload images from a location and share the experience you had there. All content on Haveyoubeenhere is generated from these waypoints.

Can I invest in Haveyoubeenhere?

Yes, you can! We are currently actively looking for investors to lift the project up to the next level. If you have an interest in investing and require more details on the business model and team behind Haveyoubeenhere, please contact us at support@haveyoubeenhere.com. We can forward you our pitch deck and answer any questions you might have!

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